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Some years back, who could have imagined it!

With the digital satellite revolution hitting India hard like a hurricane, television evolved in a couple of years more than it had in the rest of its history! Going beyond terrestrial and cable services, DTH brought superb clarity in pictures and sound to every corner within the borders. TV became more than a one-way receptive medium; interactive features gave the viewer control over the content; marking Indian television technology’s coming of age.

Now, with Airtel Digital TV, television is going beyond its rectangular sphere, re-designing itself to fulfill your minutest requirements. The experience is better than ever, and you are in 100% control.

With the new Airtel DTH MPEG4 DVB-S2, the pictures truly come to life. The sound becomes more booming; whether you are watching latest music videos or an intense moment in a football match. The life-like pictures and sound draw you in, and suddenly, you’re not watching TV any more- you’re experiencing it.

To deliver the most specific experience to you, Airtel Digital TV comes with many packages and plans. New Value, Economy, South Ultra, Super Value… all these packages include channels dealing with the areas of your interest. And indeed, there’s a plethora of channels available on Airtel Digital TV. Whether you’re a Bollywood buff or a Hollywood fan, there are enough channels in Airtel DTH to keep you engrossed as long as you want. If you’re into soaps, help yourself! And for the sports freaks, all the best sporting actions from around the globe are right at your fingertips!

Speaking of fingertips, Airtel Digital TV features the next-gen universal remote that relieves you from the hassle of handling two different remotes for your TV and set top box. This new Airtel DTH slick gadget lets you turn off your TV and everything right from the very remote that manages your DTH operations!

And with the newest interactive services in Airtel DTH, your television becomes a source of daily knowledge, customized to yield content the way you want! Astrology, news and even sports… all delivered precisely as you want, when you want. Match highlights all day, news divided into categories of your interest… TV can’t get better than this.

But Airtel Digital TV does.

Now you can record your favorite programs, but also from your cell-phone. So now when you’re stuck in traffic and fear you might miss the 8-o-clock show, all you have to do is to use your mobile to send an alert to your Airtel DTH set-top-box, which will automatically start to record your show. Now whenever you get back home, your favorite show in your Airtel Digital TV will be right there, waiting for you to watch at your convenience.

And it’s not just television that comes with Airtel Digital TV. Go beyond the television medium with 10 top radio stations from All India Radio, available with crystal clarity. Heck, Airtel DTH just revolutionized the radio, too!

And then there’s Airtel DTH Movies. You can order and watch all the bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters, with exceptional quality playback, right at your home! No need to go all the way to a theatre; just grab a pop-corn and jump into that sofa!

There are numerous more features in Airtel Digital TV. To list them all here this home page will have to get bigger than your home. So why don’t we leave the rest for yourself to discover while using this unique service? Who knows, the experience in Airtel DTH might go beyond mere entertainment to become a discovery tour full of pleasant surprises!

Watch your TV become something beyond imagination. Get Airtel Digital TV today!

P.S. Here’s a little tip just for you. Airtel Digital TV is soon to go HD. Install it today to be the first to experience it when it comes out! It’s going to be experience beyond definition! Get Airtel DTH now..

Some years back, who could have imagined it!

Airtel DTH | Airtel Digital TV | Airtel Direct to Home TV Site